Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last ones to come through the gums which usually happens between the age of 16 and 25. If there is not enough room at the back of the mouth for the wisdom teeth to come through, they may become "impacted" - the tooth will either remain below the gum line or partially emerge through. 

Why remove wisdom teeth:

Wisdom teeth can cause:

  • gum infection 

  • decay of the wisdom tooth or the tooth in front of it

  • movement of other teeth

  • cysts (rare)

Wisdom Teeth Mildura Dentist

When to remove wisdom teeth:

The best healing and less post-operative complications occur if the wisdom teeth are removed before the age of 25. At Mildura Family Dental your dentist will be able to assess if there is sufficient room for the wisdom teeth to come through and also check the position of the roots by viewing an x-ray. If it is determined that the wisdom teeth are likely to cause problems, it will be recommended to have them removed. Your dentist will discuss whether the tooth can be taken out at the dental practice or requires a more complex procedure which would be carried out under general anaesthetic by an oral surgeon.


Similar to all surgical procedures, wisdom teeth removal carries some risks. During your consultation the risks that are specific to wisdom teeth and your particular situation will be discussed in detail.