Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are hard protective coatings that are applied over deep grooves (fissures) of the teeth to prevent tooth decay. 


It is a simple, non-invasive procedure and once the coating is applied it is permanent, and will stay on your teeth for a number of years. Many studies have shown that fissure sealants combined with good oral hygiene are effective in reducing the risk of dental decay and thus avoiding more complex dental treatment. 

Why do I need fissure sealants?

A tooth fissure, commonly located on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth, is 5 times more likely to develop tooth decay than any other tooth surface. This is because pits and grooves can be deep and difficult to clean with a tooth brush as it's bristles are too big to clean these areas. Food particles and bacteria can become trapped in the grooves and produce acids which leads to tooth decay. Fissure sealants work by filling the deep pits and grooves making it easier to clean your teeth and thus helping to prevent cavities from forming. 

The Procedure:

The procedure is quick and simple and does not require any injections or drilling. 

  • The teeth which the sealants are being placed on will be cleaned and dried.

  • A gentle acid will be applied on the tooth surface to prepare it to receive the fissure sealant

  • The fissure sealant will be applied to the tooth using a small  brush and then  hardened by ultraviolet light

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